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Healthy Eating

Eating healthy can help you better control your blood sugar and lower your risk for heart disease. (Diabetes diet: Create your healthy eating plan, Mayo Clinic)

Have questions? Find a class or lecture to help you get answers from experts. Local organizations, hospitals, and even libraries sponsor classes and lectures on different topics from heart disease, diabetes & stress, and diabetes education. Check them out!


Farmers’ markets and community gardens are one way to find local and low-cost fruit and vegetables to help you eat healthier. Sometimes these markets can even have cooking demonstrations, free samples, and live music. There may be one near your neighborhood – find one now!


Losing just a few pounds can help you better control your diabetes. There are a lot of online resources with great tools to help you get started but also structured programs for a fee. Learn how to lose weight in a healthy way! (Weight Loss, ADA)


Need more information about eating healthy? Maybe a healthier mac n’ cheese recipe or easy to do at home exercises? Check out these online resources to help you be healthier!