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Regular doctor visits and preventive care are key to staying on top of diabetes. Finding a medical provider can be challenging. We have listed facilities that provide low-cost and free services to qualifying patients. (Treatment and Care, ADA)

People with diabetes are at increased risk for eye complications. An eye care professional should examine your eyes at least once a year. Find a professional to get your eyes examined. (Eye complications, ADA)


When you have diabetes, proper foot care is very important. People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems. A podiatrist (foot doctor) should check your feet at least once a year - more often if you have foot problems. Find a foot doctor near you to check your feet. (Foot Complications, ADA)


Diabetes can take a toll on your teeth and gums. Take prevention seriously. Find a dentist near you. Many of the dental offices listed offer sliding scale or low-cost services. (Oral Health and Hygiene, ADA)


Check out our listing of facilities that offer routine checkups, treat common illnesses and chronic diseases, and offer counseling about nutrition, exercise, and other methods to maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage disease.