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UPDATED: 3.20.13

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Try these easy ways to reduce salt and fat when you cook.


Reduce salt1

1. Add less salt.

2. Season your food with herbs and spices instead of salt.

– Add oregano & black pepper to green peas or corn

– Add lemon & black pepper over mixed vegetables.

Check out these other ways online.

3.  Choose “no salt added” or “reduced salt” regular canned vegetables.


Reduce Fat2

1. Remove skin and fat from meats like chicken.

2. Use non-stick cooking pans or cooking spray to use less oil or butter to cook food.

3. Steam or microwave vegetables.

4. Choose lower fat alternative foods: – Use low-fat milk (1%) instead of whole milk – Choose low-fat canola mayonnaise instead of full fat mayonnaise. – Grab a lower-fat fudgesicle rather than a bowl of full-fat ice cream.

Find other alternatives here.


Want to make cooking more fun? Invite a friend, family member, or your child to help you cook.


By: April Agne, MPH (March 2013, Updated: September 2014)


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