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Small steps to a healthier you!



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UPDATED: 1.17.13

CONTACT: April Agne, MPH Reviewed by: Andrea Cherrington, MD MPH

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The beginning of a new year is a great starting point to get on a path to a healthier you! “A healthful lifestyle is easier than you might think. The path to good health isn’t the same for everyone and yours may change over time. Take small steps that are right for you, one at a time. Every step adds up, so you’ll reach your health goals before you know it.”1

Here are some steps to help you start your path to a healthier you:


Make small changes to your routine. Eat foods in moderation and add more exercise slowly. This will help you keep on the path to healthier you


Take 10 minutes to walk each day. It can be in your local grocery store, mall, or in warmer weather at the park.


Portions are the amount of each food on your plate. Many restaurants serve giant portions that are enough for two meals! Be aware of the size of your portion. Read labels to better understand how many calories are the foods you buy.2


Bored with your current routine, try yoga or Zumba® at your local church. Try a new food or recipe to keep things fresh.


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