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Interprofessional Diabetes Follow-up Clinic at M-Power Health Center


WHERE: 4022 4th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL ( Map  )


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UPDATED: 12.11.12

CONTACT: Jennifer Frank

205-975-9423 | email


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Beginning Tuesday, December 4th, there will be an Interprofessional Diabetes Follow-up Clinic available each Tuesday at MPOWER Clinic in Avondale as part of a UAB/HRSA/MPOWER collaboration. Physicians from the Division of Endocrinology, nurse practitioners, dietitian, social workers, mental health, optometrists and other professionals are participating in this effort which is led by the UAB School of Nursing. The program also is supported by UAB Hospital and the Health System. There is limited capacity and patients will be seen by referral and appointment only.

The clinic is designed specifically to serve those indigent patients with diabetes who are at risk for recurrent problems following discharge from UAB. Please feel free to contact the Project Manager, Jennifer Frank (UAB School of Nursing) at or Roberta Shapiro (, if you have questions.

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: To have time to complete processing, it is important to initiate all referrals are to be made by the physician discharging you from UAB hospital and must be at least one business day (Monday-Friday) before discharge.