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Live Empowered (African American Initiatives)

To address the growing diabetes epidemic, the American Diabetes Association created a targeted approach called African American Initiatives. This initiative is an aggressive campaign designed to increase awareness of the rates of diabetes among African Americans, provide information about the seriousness of diabetes and its complications, teach the importance of healthy eating and moving more, and educating those with or at risk for developing diabetes about prevention, management, and control. Live Empowered has developed faith-based materials, programs and workshops to increase the awareness of the seriousness of diabetes and emphasize the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices such as moving more and eating healthier. If you are interested in the materials, please contact our local American Diabetes Association for more information.

Additional Information

All materials are available free to the public. Typically local ADA offices will compile a list of African American congregations. This list is used to send letters to Pastors or Health Ministry Coordinator detailing Live Empowered initiatives. Accompaning the letter is a participation form which is to be completed and returned to the local ADA office. Upon receipt of the participation form the local ADA office will mail out the requested material.