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Diabetes Books and Resources at the Homewood Library

Homewood Library.jpgThe Homewood Public Library has put together a comprehensive list of their diabetes related books and resources. The list includes cookbooks and diet books, books on exercise, books for teens, and books on diabetes and treatment. These titles below are available for check out at the Homewood Library. If you cannot get to the Homewood Library, you can request any these titles to be sent to a Jefferson County Library near you.

General Works on Diabetes

American Diabetes Association complete guide to diabetes by American Diabetes Association (2011) 616.462 Ame

Becoming an ex-diabetic: use your mind to prevent, manage or even reverse type 2 diabetes by Barry Landsberg (2013) 616.4 Lan

The best life guide to managing diabetes and pre-diabetes by Bob Greene, John J. Merendino Jr. and Janis Jibrin (2009) 616.4 Gre

The complete idiot’s guide to managing diabetes: fast-track by Joan Clark-Warner (2013) 616.4 Cla

Curing diabetes in 7 steps: take control of, and reverse your type two diabetes using functional medicine, naturally by Laurens Maas (2013) 616.4 Maa

Diabetes: a practical guide to managing your health by Rosemary Walker and Jill Rodgers (2005) 616.4 Wal

Diabetes and you: a comprehensive, holistic approach by Naheed Ali (2012) 616.462 Ali

Diabetes do’s & how-to’s: small yet powerful steps to take charge, eat right, get fit, and stay positive by Riva Greenberg (2013) 616.46 Gre

Diabetes for dummies by Alan L. Rubin (2012) 616.462 Rub

Diabetes: how I got off insulin in 30 days by Jason L. McLaughlin (2012) 616.462 McL

The diabetes manifesto: take charge of your life by Lynn Crowe and Julie Stachowiak (2011) 616.462 Cro

Diabetes type 2: a layman’s guide by K. M. Warwick (2010) 616.462 War

The end of diabetes: the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (2012) 616.4 Fuh

Essential guide to treat diabetes and to lower cholesterol by Howard T. Joe, Ph.D (2013) 616.46 Joe

50 things you need to know about diabetes: expert tips for taking control by Kathleen Stanley (2009) 616.462 Sta

I’m beating diabetes–and so can you!: by controlling your blood sugar spikes by Bill Eykyn (2012) 616.4 Lan

1001 tips for living well with diabetes: firsthand advice that really works by Judith H. McQuown (2004) 616.462 McQ

Shot: staying alive with diabetes by Amy F. Ryan (2013) 616.462 Rya

The Sweet Walk: overcoming the diabetes challenge and taking control of life by Iris Magnus (2012) 613.2 Con

10 steps to better living with diabetes by Ginger Kanzer-Lewis (2007) 616.462 Kan

Sugar nation: the hidden truth behind America’s deadliest habit and the simple way to beat it by Jeff O’Connell (2010) 616.462 O’Co

Until there is a cure: the latest and greatest in diabetes self-care by Gary Scheiner (2013) 616.4 Sch

Diabetes Alternative Treatment

Diabetes and you: a comprehensive, holistic approach by Naheed Ali (2012) 616.462 Ali

The natural diabetes cure: curing blood disorders without drugs by Roger Mason (2012) 616.462 Mas

Reversing diabetes by Don Colbert (2012) 616.462 Col

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes 911: how to handle everyday emergencies by Larry A. Fox and Sandra L. Weber (2009) 616.462 Fox

Heart disease and diabetes edited by Professor Miles Fisher (2012) 616.462 Hea

Healthy feet for people with diabetes by Mark Hinkes (2012) 617.585 Hin

21 things you need to know about diabetes and your feet by Neil M.  Scheffler (2012)  616.462 Sch

Diabetes and Diet

101 weight loss tips for people with diabetes by Anne Daly, Linda Delahanty and Judith Wylie-Rosett (2002) 613.712 Dal

American Dietetic Association complete food and nutrition guide by Roberta Larson Duyff (2012) 613.2 Duy

The best life guide to managing diabetes and pre-diabetes by Bob Greene, John J. Merendino Jr. and Janis Jibrin (2009) 616.4 Gre

Diabetes diet: the 101 best diabetic foods by Health Research Staff (2012) 616.462 Dia

Diabetes rescue diet: conquer diabetes naturally while eating and drinking what you loveeven chocolate and wine! by Mark Bricklin (2013) 616.4 Bri

Eat what you love, love what you eat, with diabetes: a mindful eating program for thriving with prediabetes or diabetes by Michelle May with Megrette Fletcher (2012)       616.4 May

The end of diabetes: the eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (2012) 616.4 Fuh

Flat belly diet! diabetes: lose weight, target belly fat, and lower blood sugar with this tested plan from the editors of Prevention by Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief ; with Gillian Arathuzik and medical advisor Steven V. Edelman (2010) 616.4 Fla

Guide to healthy fast-food eating by Hope S. Warshaw (2006) 616.462 War

Living food for better living: How a whole food plant-based diet can prevent & cure diabetes by Kathleen Becker foreword by Linette Williamson (2012) 641.563 Bec

Off the grid with diabetes: what to do if you have diabetes and all hell breaks loose by Sam Adams (2012) 616.4 Ada

The smart woman’s guide to eating right with diabetes: what will work by Amy Stockwell Mercer (2013) 616.4 Mer

There is a cure for diabetes: the tree of life 21-day+ program by Gabriel Cousens with David Rainoshek (2012) 616.462 Cou

Diabetes Cookbooks

Betty Crocker diabetes cookbook: great-tasting, easy recipes for every day by Richard M. Bergenstal and Diane Reader (2012) 641.563 Ber

Complete diabetic cookbook: healthy, delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy by Mary Jane Finsand, Karin Cadwell, and Edith White (1997) 641.56 Fin

The DASH diet cookbook: quick and delicious recipes for losing weight, preventing diabetes and lowering blood pressure by Mariza Snyder, Lauren Clum and Anna V. Zulaica (2012) 616.132 Sny

Diabetes cooking 101: master diabetes cooking with 101 great recipes edited by Perrin Davis (2011) 641.56314 Dia

The diabetes-friendly kitchen: 125 recipes for creating healthy meals by Jennifer Stack (2012) 641.5 Sta

The everyday DASH diet cookbook: over 150 fresh and delicious recipes to speed weight loss, lower blood pressure, and prevent diabetes by Marla Heller with Rick Rodgers (2013) 613.2 Hel

The family classics diabetes cookbook: over 140 favorite recipes from the pages of Diabetes Forecast magazine by American Diabetes Association (2012) 641.56314 Fam

Fix-it and forget-it diabetic cookbook: 550 slow cooker favorites — to include everyone!  by Phyllis Pellman Good, with American Diabetes Association (2013) 641.5 Goo

Healthy calendar diabetic cooking by Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton and Jennifer Bucko Lamplough (2012) 641.56314 Ron

Hello taste, goodbye guilt!: more than 150 healthy and diabetes friendly recipes by Mr. Food Test Kitchen(2013) 641.5 Mr

The kitchen diva’s diabetic cookbook: 150 healthy, delicious recipes for diabetics and those who dine with them by Angela Shelf Medearis (2012) 641.5 Med

The Mayo Clinic diabetes diet by Mayo Clinic (2011) 641.5 May

Not just for diabetics cookbook: naturally delicious recipes for optimum wellness by James Rouse and Debra Rouse (2012) 641.5 Rou

The stress free diabetes kitchen: over 140 easy & delicious diabetes recipes designed for no-hassle cooking by Barbara Seelig-Brown (2012) 641.5 See

Diabetes and Exercise

Exercise manual: an exercise guide for adults with diabetes by Richard Z. Peng (2012)   616.4 Pen

The “I hate to exercise” book for people with diabetes: turn everyday home activities into a low-impact fitness plan you’ll love by Charlotte Hayes (2006) 616.4 Hay

Off the grid with diabetes: what to do if you have diabetes and all hell breaks loose by Sam Adams (2012) 616.4 Ada

Diabetes Prevention

The everything guide to managing and reversing pre-diabetes: your complete guide to treating pre-diabetes symptoms by Gretchen Scalpi; foreword by Rogert Vigersky (2013) 616.462 Sca

Prediabetes for dummies by Alan L. Rubin (2010) 616.462 Rub

Reversing diabetes by Don Colbert (2013) 616.462 Col

Teens and Children with Diabetes

Diabetes information for teens: health tips about managing diabetes and preventing related complications, including facts about insulin, glucose control, healthy eating, physical activity, and learning to live with diabetes edited by Karen Bellenir (2012) 616.462 Dia

Kids first diabetes second: tips for parenting a child with type 1 diabetes by Leighann Calentine with Robin Porter (2012) 618.92 Cal

In Spanish

Cómo revertir la diabetes por Don Colbert (2013) FL 616.462 Col


Controlling blood sugar for health, weight loss, and balance: learn how to obtain optimal blood sugar levels through diet and lifestyle! by Valerie Hall Nutrition (2005)      613.2 Con