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4 Simple Tips For Healthier Tailgating



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UPDATED: 10.2.14

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Football season is finally here. There is nothing more fun than tailgating with your friends and family.


Here are some tips to make sure that you can enjoy tailgating this year while staying healthy:



Choose fruit or veggies to snack on!

1) Offer to bring something yourself. This way you will be guaranteed to have a healthy option available. Some good ideas are baby carrots with low fat ranch dressing or whole-wheat crackers with reduced fat cheese.





A healthy plate of pulled BBQ chicken.

2) If you are grilling there are lots of little shortcuts you can make to make your meal healthier. Try leaner meats like pork chops, grilled chicken, or turkey burgers. Whole-wheat buns, using mustard instead of mayonnaise and using just a slice of cheese can make your burger or hot dog a little bit healthier.

3) Snacks will be every where! Skip the bowl, when snacking put a serving on plate to limit overeating.  Choose salsa and tortilla chips or fresh fruit instead of cookies and potato chips.

4) Stay Active! During half time take a walk, and get on your feet. You could even try to play a pick up game of football while you wait.[1]


Compiled by: Alessandra Joseph; Reviewed & edited by April A. Agne, MPH

[1] Resources: