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Tips for a healthier new year!



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UPDATED: 11.27.12

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1. Avoid overeating at mealtimes!

If you are going to a party, a birthday celebration, a Christmas party or another type of gathering, eat something healthy and light like cold cereal with fat-free milk or a piece of fruit before leaving home. This will help you to not feel as hungry and reduce the times you head to the table for more food.

2. Don’t drink your calories!

Choose water, diet or low calorie beverage, instead of sugar sweetened ones. Limit your alcoholic beverages because they have many calories, especially eggnog! Remember a drink is: 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, 1½ oz of distilled spirits

3. Be active, healthy & happy!

Talk with a friend about ways to continue with your goal to be more active.

4. Keep your healthy eating habits and exercise year-round!

Eat breakfast everyday, drink water, eat smaller portions, do daily physical activity, and try to limit eating fast food.

By: April Agne, MPH and Tanya Shelton, RN CDE

December 2012