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How do you control diabetes?

Posted 02/1/13|Asked by Alisha

Taking control of diabetes means not letting diabetes control you. Eating healthy, getting regular exercise, checking blood sugar levels, and taking blood sugar-lowering medications as prescribed can help control type 2 diabetes. If you, a family member, or friend have diabetes, you can find many resources on this site and online... READ MORE

Is diabetes a serious illness?

Posted 01/18/13|Asked by Sarah P.

Diabetes can be a very serious illness, if not controlled. Diabetes causes more deaths per year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Two out of three people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke. -Tanya Shelton, RN CDE Certified Diabetes Educator, Cooper Green Mercy Hospital Reference: Take Control! Diabetes Workbook,... READ MORE

Can I get Type 2 diabetes?

Posted 01/15/13|Asked by Jackson

Anyone can develop diabetes type 2 diabetes. Persons from certain ethnic groups, including African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans, have a higher risk for diabetes. Everyone over 45 should have a blood sugar (glucose) test at least every 3 years. Regular testing of blood sugar levels should begin... READ MORE

Do I have to avoid desserts during the holidays?

Posted 11/27/12|Asked by John

You can plan for eating dessert by eating fewer starches (carbohydrates) at the main meal. Eat less bread, macaroni and cheese, corn, potatoes, and other starchy foods. This will help you enjoy that one dessert you really want! - Ann Heard, RD, CDE Chief Clinical Dietician, Cooper Green Mercy Hospital READ MORE

How can I eat healthy during the holidays but still eat what I want?

Posted 11/19/12|Asked by Angela

Portion control is key! There are so many good things to try – so definitely eat smaller portions. Focus on eating non-starchy foods like greens, yellow squash, green beans, cabbage, and salads. - Ann Heard, RD, CDE Chief Clinical Dietician, Cooper Green Mercy Hospital READ MORE